Athlete Representation 

Your representation matters. 

Through Levelup Branding representation, we offer a successful strategy to help athletes prepare for their sports career path by offering a mix of services designed to keep you in the game and beyond. We understand that the decision-making process can be stressful for athletes and families. Our goal is for you to stay focused and keep winning at your game, while Levelup Branding will keep you winning in the world by offering a mix of business and personalized services.

It is our responsibility to manage the relationships with fans and develop partnerships that will bring value to the sports organization they represent. We aim to support revenue goals of sports arenas, collegiate sports teams, sports franchises, leagues, and other sports-related organizations.

We will interact with the right players to define a marketing strategy that delivers a brand story. We stay current with the trends and enhance experiences to gain attention of potential sponsors and partners. As a full-service agency, we will negotiate contracts, increase awareness, and pursue innovative marketing opportunities.



We pride ourselves on our relationships with our athletes. When an athlete signs with LevelUp, they are joining a family. A family that will support all your career ambitions, and supplement your playing career and long-term objectives by offering new opportunities for your success. 

  •  League Contract Negotiation

  • Market Research

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Public Relations 

  • Community Engagement 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Business Investments

  • Financial Advisory

  • Legal Advisory

  • Personal Branding 

  • Long-Term Career Development  


Solawave Partnership
FNX Endorsement
GOAT Fuel Endorsement
ON Partnership
IVI Sunglasses Partnership
LYFTLYFE Endorsement

Brand Partnerships

Our agency works with brands nationwide and worldwide. We secure contracts, on your behalf for events, speaking engagements, brand partnerships, nonprofit involvement and experiential events. 

Social Media

Levelup Branding understands your time constraints, we are here to help manage social media platforms. Whether that is a clear and concise brand across all platforms, to managing content to uphold endorsement partnerships. 


Future Success


Player Development

Your overall well-being, and influence in the community is a primary focus. We have a team of specialists that develop customized plans to maximize your abilities through focusing on sport specific skills and sports nutrition. 

Personal Branding

The perception that others are receiving from you, your social media presence, your communication on the phone, emails, text messages, chats, and more… Personal branding is how one connects with their audience, followers, consumers, fans, acquaintances, and close ones.

  • How are you building on your personal brand?

  • What strategy are you using?

  • Do you have a strategy in place?

Community Impact

We value those that deepen their relationships with nonprofit involvement. As a team, will coordinate your philanthropic collaborations, from fundraisers to starting your own nonprofit foundation based on a personal mission. 

Entrepreneurship - Future Success

Your future success matters, and Levelup Branding is dedicated to creating a plan for your success, even after the game. As a team, we will bring your passion of owning a business to reality.


Our approach for your future business success: 

Analyze - Conduct thorough market research to review your opportunities of success

Appraise - Measure the success of the opportunity and collaborate on how to proceed

Advise -  Formulate an action plan and advise on the best way to successfully spearhead the opportunity 

Intellectual Property - Brand logos, protection of content, licensing, technology investment, and full turn-key development

Business Transactions - Buying/Selling business entities, investments, franchising, and tax advisory 

Charities/Foundations - Starting 501(c)(3)