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Building athletes personal brand, in their game and in the community. 

A personal brand is how you are perceived by others through visuals, and actions. A personal brand should also explain where you are going.


Who should be acting on the personal brand? Everyone… entrepreneur, freelancer, athlete, business owner. Everyone should be acting on their personal brand. A personal brand is your presence and how you are perceived to others, whether that is by interacting with others, on social media, on the phone and even through writing.


Remember – a personal brand explains who you are and where you are going!


Why is Personal Branding Important?

Because it is the perception that others are receiving from you, your social media presence, your communication on the phone, emails, text messages, chats, and more… Personal branding is how one connects with their audience, followers, consumers, fans, acquaintances, and close ones.

  1. How are you building on your personal brand?

  2. What strategy are you using?

  3. Do you have a strategy in place?


Maggie Lucas 
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Liga de Basquete Feminino (International WNBA)

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