Branding before Marketing. Or Marketing before Branding?


Branding is the tool that helps increase reputation, followers, and sales.

Presenting a consistent brand across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%, according to Forbes.

Well, you don’t have to be a salesman to build a brand. Most business owners think that building a brand means all you need is a logo, a fancy website, photos (if applicable) and some cool font. Is that it? Does building a brand matter? Most business owners tend to think that they do not need to build a brand as a business owner.

Branding is a way to sell your products or services. It helps your business stand out from competitors, it brings awareness and establishes credibility. But why?

Here is an example for Apple users. Think about the last time you purchased a new Apple phone. There are other branded phones but yet, Apple users still purchase Apple. Why is that? Is it because of the design? Were you pressured to purchase the Apple product? Or is it simply because it is an Apple product! The bottom line is that consumers do not tend to buy a product or service because of the specs or design, but it is because of the brand and the value of the brand.

The brand sells the product.

Building a brand that sells can be simply put into four questions.

Who are you?

What are you?

How do you feel about you?

Where is the connection?

By building a strong and creditable brand, the right audience, consumers and market will be attracted to your brand!


Marketing cannot exist without branding!!! Well, it can... but it will not be consistent or well known.

Your brand is the foundation. Think of your brand as the foundation to a house. The more stable the foundation, then the stronger the house will be. A weak foundation (brand) and the house (marketing) will fall. A strong foundation (brand) but no house, means no home (marketing) at all.

Just like marketing and branding, you need both. The more attention to both, the stronger and more sustainable. Most businesses go straight for marketing, and bypass the branding because they need revenue, and feel as if branding is a nice asset to have and not required.

Your brand is the voice, looks, values and actions. Without a voice, are they reliable? Creating a marketing strategy with nothing to base it from, then the conversational content is lower because consumers are not emotionally connected to your brand. A brand creates a timeless connection with consumers. Even if the marketing strategy is designed to engage, it is the brand that consumers keep coming back too.

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Without branding, your business may achieve success but with branding, the success will be greater.

So, what comes first? Branding or marketing?

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