Do Something Great! Follow your heart. #FitnessJunkie #MomofBoys #AthleteManager #BrandManager

I am over here doing great things… And I love what I am doing.


As a former and current female athlete, I grew up playing baseball & hockey on all boy’s teams, and in college I was a boxer. I knew I had to Levelup my skills to match their competition. I strived to be better. I worked harder, pushed myself, just because I wanted to be treated like one of the boys.


GUESS WHAT – NO! No, that is not what I really wanted. I want to be treated like a girl, a lady, and a female athlete.


Female athletes bring to the table more than estrogen and two (2) “X” chromosomes. Female athletes have a dedicated mindset that sets them apart from the competition. They know they are unique. Their strengths are formed from passion and the dedication to reach their goals. They know how to leverage those strengths, along with knowing what to watch out for, which enables them to develop, grow and succeed.


I love what I am doing & I am doing what I love.

I am partnering with athletes and brands to help build their own success through Athlete Management, Brand Management, Events, and Branding Strategies, just to name a few.

The Sports Marketing industry allows me, to be me. I am empowering athletes to understand their worth, their skill level and the potential they have. Athletes, male, or female are so much more than what is seen in the game. Behind the scenes, closed doors or in the locker room is so much more then just an athlete.


So, the reason why I love what I am doing and doing what I love is because – I have the freedom, the opportunity, and the innovative mindset to come up with new and interesting ideas and run with them. I am setting myself apart from the competition.


I love everyone that I have already worked with, partnered with, connected with. But I know that the opportunities are endless. Offering so much more. Let’s connect to see what we can create together.