Knowledge Drop - #BrandIdentity #BeYourOwnBrand

Brand Identity

What is brand identity? Brand identity relates to the presentation by the looks, values and actions. Imagine that your brand is a person – who would it be, and what does that look like?


Brand Presence – Visuals

A person only has one chance to make a first impression, so the presence of that person (visuals) helps them standout. Is the person a man or women? Are they lean or muscular? What clothing style are they wearing? Did they do their hair or wear makeup?

In relation to a brand, impactful or bold visuals for a brand can stand out from competitors. You only have one chance to make first impressions.


Brand Values

What are your personal values that aid your decision-making process? These should echo into your brands identity values. Make those values present in your brands identity. Does your brand represent leadership, authenticity, integrity, or loyalty? These are some examples of values. If it helps, write a personal mission statement, then modify towards a mission statement for your brand. Audience members and consumer are attracted to brands that share the same values of yours.


Brand Engagement

Interaction or engagement is important to your audience members and consumers. Your interaction reflects the “personality” of the brand”. Audience members and consumers tend to engagement and purchase more from brands that have a unique voice. You also need to engage regularly by posting content or even continuing a conversation for others to engage in.




Brand Personality

A well-defined brand personality will instantly have an upper hand because audience member and consumers want to be able to relate on a personal level. What are some adjectives that you would want your brand identity to be known for? Is your brand bold (Ex. Target), rebellious (Ex. Apple), active (Ex. Peloton), adventurous (Ex. REI), or knowledgeable (Ex. Whoop), these are just some examples but there are many more.


Brand Impact

Your brands impression is crucial for success. Impact is your brand sharing with the world? If your brand reflects a positive impact to the world, then there is a higher success rate through engagement and purchases. Do your clients trust you? What makes your brand different from competitors?


Your Brand Identity is created through the presentation of the looks, values, and actions. You can be a change agent to the community, through your influence. Make sure your influence doesn’t grow wider, than your character runs deep. Live out what you are influencing to others.