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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

College Athletes & Families -

It's a HUGE month for sports marketing!!!

As of the 1st of July college students became eligible for sponsorship, the first time in history! Levelup Branding is here to support them. Let’s start getting those endorsements rolling in so they can monetize while they are in college. It doesn’t matter if they are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

Media exposure is everything and exposure on social media is key at this point.



Teams, and future sponsorship opportunities are looking for that number one athlete on social media. We need to bring a positive influence and a positive presence to our audience members. #MoreThanAnAthlete

By enhancing our NIL athlete’s current media presence, we will start to build their personal brand. That personal brand is created from their personality, presence and molds their future career path. Let’s make sure we set them on the right path. #TeamWork

Levelup Branding knows that college athletes will be amazing ambassadors thanks to their diversity, gender split, highly engaged following and huge local appeal.

We have been making some big moves in the college space, by connecting with brands and athletes to ensure the rules are adhered too so we stay legally compatible and complete the best partnerships.


#Diversity #PersonalBrand

Levelup Branding is excited about exposing our network of brands to colleges athletes from all available institutions.

Levelup Branding agents believes in full communication and the involving college athlete’s school. We will meet school compliance rules, without any involvement from the school in the transaction.

Front Office Sports stated, “How much money could athletes potentially make? It depends. ESPN found that some athletes could earn as much as $1 million through social media. Athletes who compete in non-revenue sports could make between $1,000 and $3,000.”


College Athletes, let’s capitalize

College Athletes, you are the leader of your own success. You have the potential to make as much, or as little as you would like. Levelup Branding is here to help you and your family along the way.

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