The story behind Levelup Branding. #BeYourOwnBrand #brandinginspiration #Entrepreneur

Levelup Branding was founded based on passion, community involvement and to inspire. We are firm believers that sport creates a foundation for learning, builds a community and shapes youth athlete’s personal values along with developing their life skills, that will be carried into the athletes adulthood.




Sport forms a community in which all can belong to through an emotional connection to team’s (groups), players (individual) and leagues (community). Sports shapes an individual’s values and develops life skills, such as respect, integrity, teamwork, competition, and leadership, just to mention a few. But sports also provided the opportunity for diverse groups and individuals to interact with one another by bringing together fans, arena staff, players, coaches and more, for a common reason or goal. To support! Support one another. Hi-Five a stranger you never met before because your team scored.


Sports builds a bond between one another and forms a sense of inclusive community.


The founder & CEO, Lauren has a true dedication and passion for sports. Her love for sports started from a young age by learning how to skate before she could walk, and through her youth, Lauren played on all boy’s leagues for baseball and hockey. Lauren also played volleyball, softball and finished up her college years boxing. Unfortunately, Lauren did not have the opportunity to play HS level sports, as she lived in the UK for HS and college. Recreationally, she participated in rugby, BMX riding and hockey whilst living abroad. Still never stepping away from the sports industry, Lauren has always been driven to staying active and fit by going to the gym. After moving back to the Chicagoland area in her adult years, then having her two-boys, Lauren took up kickboxing, CrossFit, and OCR racing. To this day, Lauren plays on a women’s recreational hockey leagues, hits the gym every day and now competes in CrossFit competitions as well as running OCR's. You’re never to old to stay fit. Try something new

. Challenge yourself. Compete against yourself. That has always been Lauren’s mentality.




Lauren has instilled the love and passion for sports in her own two-children, who both play football, baseball, and her oldest plays hockey.

Lauren’s dedication to youth sports has two reasons. First, youth sport is where her love for sports started, and Lauren understands the life skill benefits of being a part of sports team at a young age, and how those skills transition into adulthood. The life skills that are formed from being a part of a sports team builds a connection within the sports community and gives athletes the opportunity to expand, and to find their personal niche. Individuals and athletes create their own personal brand by finding their niche. Secondly, Lauren stays involved for her children’s sports to assist with player development programs, coaching, sponsorship opportunities and branding as needed. By staying involved we can help mold the future athletes in our sports, and also prepare them for life after the game.