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Athletes, Brands, and Events 

We understand that each client is unique, which is why Levelup Branding is a full-service sports agency that creates custom strategies tailored to each client. We specialize in empowering athletes through innovative storytelling strategies to fans and by building personal brand identity, promoting community involvement and assisting athletes

Athlete Representation

Athlete Management 

Create your personal brand.

Athlete Representation

Levelup Branding is empowering athletes by strategically building their personal brand for a successful future. Our focus for our clients if for them to stay focused on their sport, while we will handle the contract negotiations, manage marketing, sponsorships & endorsements, coordinate public relations and media exposure, and plan philanthropic collaborations. 


Athletes, position yourself on the Market with the right brands. Levelup will match you to brand industries based on your interests. Build your presence on social media through personal branding strategies by finding your niche and forming your personal brand that is relatable to your audience. Levelup will increase your personal brands awareness by connecting your social media presence to match your personal brand, while building relationships with brands for engagement, sales, and profitability.

Build credibility through personal branding. Your Personal Brand tells your story. 


Coordination and collaboration with non-profit organization for charity work as a giver and recipients, including but not limited to a variety of speaking, appearances, and marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients.

The first step for Philanthropic work would be to connect with the Sports Philanthropy Network. Get involved. There are newsletters, webinars, podcast and events. 

Long Term Development

Personal Development 

Financial education

Brand Management 

Brand equity leads to brand credibility. 

Levelup Branding will help grow your brands identity by creating an emotional connection that lasts longer with your followers, fans and audience members. A Brand is created by a theme that represents you, your personal brand or your businesses brand. Branding tells a story... 

Content Creation: Branded/Themed content across all channels. Branded content will all your brand to stand out. Branded content is a technique that fans, followers and audience members can relate to and tells a unique story. Branding is appealing, and can enhance brand awareness. 

Social Media Branding: Branded content across creates a marketing experiences for followers, fans and audience members. The experience is entertaining, valuable and memorable for all viewers. 


Athletes: A personal brand creates new and exciting ways to activate marketing “plays” for sponsorships, to engage fans and amplify your brand through product samples. Custom campaigns based on your brands budget and needs. Create a theme that represents you, your personal brand or your businesses brand. 

Logo design, theme creation across all channels. 


Businesses: Content creation for logo design for printed & digital marketing. Added services to enhance brand awareness: Athlete Influencer Marketing, Social Media Content Management, and Social Media Influencer Management. 

  • Digitization of Brand Amplification through the addition of athlete influencer marketing. 

  • Build Brand Equity + Creditable source = Brand Credibility


Product Development

Product Development

Product concept, to development and market.

Levelup Branding can help you bring a new product to market by offering product development services through multiple levels of involvement throughout the product development process. Levelup Branding can be a resource for product development in each stage of your brands concept before marketing. 

Offering full service of each stage or a resource for guidance. 

Levelup Branding will help with stages of product development: 

  • Conduct market research 

  • Product development ideas

  • Connect with designers for CAD & CAM for physical prototype of the product

  • Attend meetings with relevant teams and departments

  • Suggest revisions provide assistance with product launch to bring the product to market

Full capability of focus groups for product feedback in sports specific leagues, for product development and improvements.

Set your product apart from your competitors through sport specific feedback for future product development.

Digital Services 

Digital Marketing: Customizable or Full Service 

Digitization of brand reach and brand awareness.

Levelup Branding is offering a selection of services to a full-service of digital marketing tools. Become known, whether you are a startup or re-vamping your brands identity by expanding your brands reach and brands awareness. Levelup Branding can help, through teamwork and the creation of a game plan: 

  • Website or e-commerce creation

  • Branding, Design, Video plus SEO and content creation

  • Marketing: Digital, email, text campaigns

  • Analytics

  • Ad Management

  • Social Media Management: Social media presence, social media influencer marketing

  • Website & Platform Development​

Social Media 

Social Media Management

Creation, manage, engagement

Levelup Branding will create, schedule and strategically plan social media content based on the target audience to engage with your audience, on your behalf, or as needed. As a professional service, you will be able to be as involved as you would like. Three options for Social Media - Account Management:

  • (1) Do it yourself, after we create the funnel

  • (2) Shared responsibilities

  • (3) We will do it for you

Social Media Account Management comes with social media content creation, scheduling posts, tracking and ad management.
Engage with fans, and ass a personal connection. 

Athlete Influencers 

Athlete Influencer Campaign Management 

Brand creditability through athlete influencer marketing

Levelup Branding offers an added service to your current marketing plan and will manage the added strategy of Athlete Influencer Campaigns, to amplify brand awareness, and increase sales.

Athlete Influencer's receive 7x’s MORE engagements on Social Media, than Influencer posts.

Tell your brands story through Athlete Influencer Marketing. 

Levelup Branding will handle your brands marketing campaign through: ​​

  • Athlete Social Media Influencer Management: From athlete procurement in multiple sports leagues, including College Athletes, and Professional Athletes, to contract negotiation, campaign KPI management, and deliverables management, to campaign closeout. 

  • Campaign Management: Scheduling SM influencer content based on current trends, and marketing parameters, to deliverables management on SM platforms: IG, FB, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest. 

  • Support internal brand staff: creation of social media content calendar


Amplify your brands identity. Increase your brands awareness. Increase ROI from social media influencer marketing through athlete influencer marketing. Build credibility with athlete influencers - stand out against competitors.


Event Management 

Brand awareness through live events 

Levelup Branding will manage your next event by creating marketing strategies to amplify awareness for a successful event. Get noticed and stand out at your next sports events, brand activation or non-profit event, by leveraging public relations through media: social media presence and live streaming to connect with fans and drive awareness in an exciting and engaging way.

Build awareness though unique opportunities through partnerships, influencer events and promotions. Offering a full service of branding experts for your next event.

  • Sponsored events

  • Sporting events

  • Private events

  • Non-profit events


Full branding services for your event includes initiation, budget management, venue, vendors, sponsorships, guest speakers, and marketing strategy. The marketing content strategy creation by our design public relations; writers, graphics, production of marketing materials for digital and printed content. Additional services can include event production team organization, furniture rental, promotional product, F&B coordination, A/V vendors, plus more.


Non-Profit Planning

Philanthropic endeavors, give back to help others

Levelup Branding can help bring awareness to the non-profit organization, assist with philanthropic collaboration of brands and athlete, or help create a new non-profit organization.


Promotion of the nonprofit by creating marketing strategies to amplify awareness through digital marketing strategies, social media content creation or other promotional marketing.


Philanthropic collaboration with brands and athletes through coordination of fundraisers, guest speakers, memorabilia donations and sponsorships. Athletes are an important figure in the public’s eye, by creating a meaningful relationship between a non-profit organization for a chartable benefit and an athlete deepens the relationship of athletes to philanthropy. The value of philanthropy both as a means of giving back and as a way of boosts athletes and their team’s brands.


New non-profit organization is based off a solid and functional strategic plan that identifies the nonprofits mission.


Wellness Coaching 

Lifestyle, wellness, success.

Your success is measured through your overall wellness, and how you care for yourself.

·     Fitness & Nutrition

·     Mental Health

·     Health & Wellness 

Health & Wellness

Personal reflection of self-awareness: Deepen your self-awareness.

Build your self-esteem.

Grow from experiences and turn them into an opportunity.

Develop new skills to improve on everyday life. 


Fitness & Nutrition 

Professional Athletes: Recommendations for sports training facilities, conditioning programs in local areas or online, conditioning recommendations through local sources or online based on seasonal training.

Certified Fitness Instructor guidance: Programming suggestions and custom plans based on individual’s goals and lifestyle.

Certified Sports Nutritionist guidance: Benefits, meal prepping planning, resources, information, education. Importance of a Balanced diet.


Mental Health

Levelup Branding has many connections with Sports Psychologists who understands the paradox of sport and the importance of mental health as an individual’s well-being through psychological and emotional condition. Stress management is important. Stress is the result of mental, physical, and emotional overload. Stress management helps an individual cope.


Levelup Branding is more than a creative agency, we can help with your wellness goals. 


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